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Technology Background


We are pleased to introduce this exciting new technology to the Anti-Counterfeit market. We believe that Infrared Multi-Digital Anti-Counterfeit Pigment will become the most important new defense in the ongoing struggle against counterfeiting in the world.

Basic concept

This technology is based on the characteristics of certain rare earth luminescent materials that produce five wave fluorescence bands (red, green, blue, purple, and near-infrared) when illuminated by near-infrared light. Except for the near-infrared wave band, the other four wave bands are visible to the naked eye. Different fluorescent colors with stable intensity can be produced with different formulas and processes, forming the property of a single material with five spectral ciphers. When mapping this material’s color patterns, each color will have a group of ciphers with 5 digits, thus forming multiple ciphers.

After 16 years of intense research and study of these materials and their properties, scientists from different fields co-developed over 1,000 samples which utilized this concept.

Unique anti-counterfeit characteristic of the product:

  • Very difficult to imitate because of high tech nature of process
  • The anti-counterfeit mark on the product cannot be removed and recycled
  • Ciphers are highly controllable and adjustable
  • Longer term of usefulness, won’t be become antiquated as fast as other technologies
  • Unique technology compared to other anti-counterfeit techniques
  • Easy to impliment (mixes into ink or other substances)


Technology In Use

Inspection Methods  

1. Class I Test (Infrared Test) A simple 980mm infrared tester is used to illuminate the position printed with hidden anti-counterfeit marks. Clear and distinct color luster is visible to the naked eye. Colors and luster can be set and adjusted. The tester can be made into pens, key chains, and other forms of souvenirs for inspection. This test is used to check the authenticity of Chinese currency.


2. Class II Test (Raster Test) A simple 980mm infrared tester is used to illuminate the position printed withhidden anti-counterfeit marks where several groups of light points with different luster lined up in dot are visible to the naked eye. Different formulas will result in different color combinations which have the quality of uniqueness.


3. Class III Test (Digital Test)
Digital tester (patented technology) can be used to illuminate the position printed with anticounterfeit marks and a group of spectral ciphers of multiple digital codes will be displayed on the liquid crystal screen of the digital detector. Such ciphers are like fingerprints or DNA of human beings and have the quality of uniqueness. Different colors and ciphers can be set for commodities of different brands and grades according to demands. Each kind of commodity will have only one group of corresponding ciphers and the cipher files are in control of the administrative department of enterprises.

Sample Commodities

Commodity anti-counterfeit applications

  • Made into anti-counterfeit printing ink. It can be used for all anti-counterfeit marks printed with printing ink, such as various anti-counterfeit trademarks, stamps, invoices, certificates, identity cards, driver’s license, bank instrument and stocks.
  • Made into anti-counterfeit plastics. i.e. plastics is mixed with, pressed into, and injected into base material to make anti-counterfeit packing material.
  • Used as stamp-pad ink for confidentiality seals. Such as seals used for customs, public security, bank, school diploma, offices and key departments in administrative units. • Used as anti-counterfeit chemical fiber, paper, and cloth material.
  • Used as anti-counterfeit base material and mixed into various substances to make anti-counterfeit identification.
  • Used in the fields of optics, electronics, precision machines, inspection, military affair, and aviation and space at night for anti-counterfeit identification and display.

The technology and the corresponding detection equipment
can be customized to meet your needs.


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