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About Us

With a firm belief in the growth potential of both the pacific rim and the Boston region, CEO Eric Mou and Chairman of the Board Dr.Ben Du, along with a group of independent investors, entrepreneurs and local bankers founded Shangston International in 2003. They had one clear goal: to provide best opportunity and return to its share holders. Starting by investing in real estate locally and internationally in 1992, the two partners have expanded their assets to include technology related sectors, such as clean energy, anti-counterfeit technology, and healthcare.

Investment Property Types

  • Multi-family Apartment Communities in Prime Growth Areas
  • Single Family in high-end area
  • Triple Net Lease Properties
    • Grocery and Drug Store Anchored Shopping Centers
    • Class A Multi-tenant Offices and Corporate Centers
    • Self Storage Facilities
    • National Single Credit Tenants and Franchises
  • Condo Conversion

Investment in Technology:

  • Anti-counterfeit technology: infrared Multi-digital Anti-Counterfeit Technology
  • Clean Energy: Solar Power Plant in China
  • Life Science: Beijing YMTD Technology Company
  • Telecomm/ 3G
  • eLearning
  • IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing










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